Friday, March 20, 2009

Django vs Pylons: Pylons fails to deliver a pony?

Last year the Django community adopted the Django Pony as their unofficial mascot. Since then, I keep hearing a complaint about Pylons: that it lacks a pony.

I have an important message: this is a falsehood, most likely orchestrated by the Django marketing machine.

Pylons *DOES NOT* lack a pony -- Pylons (actually Paste) has included a pony (paste.pony) out of the box for 3 years, since the Pylons 0.8.1 release. Here's Ben Bangert demoing said pony at a Google tech talk over 2 years ago.

Typical Django and their NIH attitude -- instead of checking if Ian Bicking did it first, they just went off and made their own pony. That's fine though, we don't mind the Django pony. However the lies about Pylons must stop immediately. I demand a retraction and an apology from the Django camp.

Pylons and TurboGears 2 has a significant presence at PyCon if you'd like to apologize in person.


Anonymous said...

but you still need a critter!

Wayne Witzel III said...

I think it needs a cross between a Pony and Nightrider .. a flamming skull for a head on a chopper .. with a pink pony body.

I'd vote yes for that.

Anonymous said...

In the future, please try to keep all cross-framework discussions bitter and hateful. This is a poor attempt at best :)

andrewbadr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
andrewbadr said...

Sorry Pylons, you're behind the times. The critter above is now unofficially Django's new unofficial mascot. (The pony image isn't Free.)

Anonymous said...

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