Monday, April 19, 2010

SQLAlchemy 0.6 Released With Jython Support

The new SQLAlchemy 0.6 is out with official support for Jython and Python 3, among various other features.

SQLAlchemy on Jython uses JDBC drivers via Jython's builtin zxJDBC DBAPI interface. It currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and also MS SQL Server via jTDS.

Those are all well proven JDBC drivers, and they can be even easier to install than CPython C extension drivers. Just add their jar file to your CLASSPATH (or sys.path) and go, no compiling needed.

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Bastian said...

I've written a prototype that enables to use DBI for a jdbc driver via . This means you can use jdbc drivers with cpython. It's still a basic prototype but I'm planning to release it in the next coulple of weeks. The next step would be to write the appropriate SQLAlchemy bindings...